Day 4 – Botswana

Greetings from Gaborone, Botswana, where the weather is hot, the air is all smogged up, and the Internet is  sssllllooooowwww. With a download rate of 8kbps, it might set a new world record.

After picking up Carolyn, our wonderful videographer, from the Joburg airport, off the were to the border. Arrived at the border, Neville warned us we’d need to declare with the South African officials, upon exiting the country, all our electronic devices (model, serial number, value). Otherwise, we’d risk all these to be confiscated upon returning to the country a couple weeks from now.

After doing that, I got my exit stamp in my passport (let me remind you, I am not allowed to stay more than 10 days at a time in South Africa, deemed so by whoever issued me the tourist visa), so that stamp is of significance importance. We moved on to the Botswanan border, the formalities were rather quick and uncomplicated (I wonder how many Romanians cross that border per year).

Once we got our entry approvals, we continued our drive to Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, which happens to be right at the border. We soon arrived at Lape Lodge, a B&B that reminds me of some long forgotten memories. It’s a clean place, with friendly people and luke-warm hot water. After all 5 of us checked in, we adventured into the city, forced by our hunger… The neighboring area we ended up going is quite something: resembling a main walking mall, one can observe street vendors on both sides of the mall, most of them offering various types of seeds, conterfeited CDs, cell phone covers, and other types of similar merchandise. For a North American, the view is quite striking (but don’t forget I am not). After quite a while, we finally decided to hit the KFC, from now on called our Embassy. You should have seen the grins on our faces when we spotted the Colonel’s face. Thus were we rejoiced in suculent friend chicken, seasoned with a 2L Coke bottle to share.

Today awaits with more adventures: getting a local cellphone, withdrawing money from an ATM, meeting our local contact, and getting ready for the grand opening of our festival tomorrow.

If you have a chance, take a look at both Lindsay‘s and Nani‘s blogs. It’s interesting to have three vantage points of the same experience.


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