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Welcome to a blog-virgin’s blog.

I’m writing these lines at Gate S10 of Seattle’s SEATAC Airport, patiently waiting for my flight to London. Today is a very special day for me, as it marks the beginning of an adventure to Africa. Quite a few people showed interest in reading updates about it, so that’s how the idea of starting a blog came to life.

I’m aiming at posting every day updates about our journey, including thoughts about people, food, airports, music, and other exciting stuff. Those who know me quite well know I like writing, and although what I’m been typing in thus far is a little on the boring side (blame it on my on-going headache), I promise you’ll have a great time reading my impressions.

UPDATE: the connecting flight London – Johannesburg has been delayed by 12 hours, which means I’ll be in London for some piece-of-cakeingly easy 22 hours. A rather lengthy layover, one might argue. As I’ve never been to London before, I’ll take the time to see the city by the graciousness of Monica, a good friend and former colleague from Bucharest whom I have not seen in almost 7 years.

For a general schedule of events of our festival, Lindsay, the artistic director, made an awesome website. Check it out!

Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts, including suggestions of any kind!



One response to “Get Ready For…

  1. Hi Bogdan, I am most interested to learn about your trip and will be following your posts eagerly. I hope your headache goes away; massage to align my vertebrae works for me. Have fun in London.

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